Do you want to make positive, life-altering changes? Overcome depression, relieve your anxiety, reduce stress, heal from trauma, addictions and loneliness, and stop making poor choices that lead to self-defeat? My goal is to help you discover your true potential and unique purpose. Negative thinking, behaviors and habits can prevent you from living a life you can truly celebrate. Often self-limiting thinking and emotions result from past disappointments and traumas. You can overcome these obstacles, and develop the qualities needed to be the best version of you. Life hands us tremendous challenges. But our history doesn't have to be our destiny! Tomorrow can be brighter. There is hope for change!

My passion is helping people heal and thrive, encouraging them to become their true selves~the best version of themselves~liberating them to become more emotionally available to themselves, their life’s passions, and their loved ones.

I work with a variety of people including CEO’s, pastors, missionaries, film and TV producers, health professionals, students trying to find their way in a maze of confusing options, people in life transitions wanting to reinvent themselves, people dealing with conflict, traumas, relational injuries, burn-out, stress-related conditions, spiritual issues, and those struggling with members of their family who have mental disorders. Relating to people on the Autisim Spectrum (high functioning people, formerly known as “Aspies,” “Aspergian” or Aspergers) is a special interest. If you are a Neurotypical baffled by your loved one’s Aperger behavior, or an Aspie baffled by your NT partner, I can help.

I have also helped victims of sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, and addicts (especially those with process addictions; meaning sex, relationship and fantasy addictions) to move past their self-defeating behaviors to live fulfilling lives. 

I am certified as an EMDR therapist (a therapy especially effective in healing trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions, and relationship conflicts). I also use CBT, Brainspotting, Gestalt, and EFT (emotional freedom technique) to fine tune and customize what works best for you. If you find yourself stuck, repeating frustrating patterns from the past, and you want the freedom to create a better life, I can help! 

In addition to therapy and coaching, I love writing and speaking. My favorite speaking engagements are those where we are interactive and I hear your thoughts and hearts! Give me a call or text if you’ld like to work together.

Thank you!

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