Broken! To Golden

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First disclosure: this book is my own anguished journey, so it is heart-felt and tear-streaked. “Very brave” one of my colleagues proclaimed, though I think she meant, Oh My Goodness, I wouldn't dare put that in print! I also overheard her saying “It is a great book, I recommend it.” So that was encouraging. “It is kind of a reality T.V. show in a book!” another friend observed. A lady visiting my neighbor came up to tell me it had saved her marriage. That neighbor had encouraged her to read it after tearfully finding herself renewed to her first love, Jesus, as she read it. Really, I’m not making this stuff up. Pretty awesome. Every counselor and Christian should read this was from a friend and colleague, only she worded it even better and I quoted her in the “acclaim for the book” section. It’s the one that starts out, “This book has the ability to throw open the windows of the human spirit in a way that I’ve never experienced.” This from a woman with a Ph.D. and who was a missionary/teacher in South Africa for 25 years!

So what is it about? You might be asking…

Broken! To Golden: Transform Your Troubles Into Treasure~Your Struggles into Joy is a clarion call to that life-altering journey that involves wrenching free from the issues that destroy us so we can be Kingdom dwellers. It is an inspirational call for a radical transformation from “self” to God! It can lead you out of discouragement, despair, doubt, apathy, and all things false, into the great adventure of truly and intimately knowing God!

It is an invitation to our own personal heroic journey. We often look at the Bible characters as great heroes. Hebrews 11 describes the “heroes of the faith.” Yet too often we disqualify ourselves, not realizing that their struggles with self, and flesh, and temptations, were much like our own. Our desires to be relevant, passionate and courageous can be fulfilled, as were theirs. Heroism is not just the domain of epic novels and great movies. It can be your life in Christ.

You personally play a vital role on the world stage. Yes, you! We see such turmoil in the world. Kingdoms are colliding, forces of good and evil are clashing and contending for control. Your choices, your perceptions, and your actions have enormous significance. They impact your destiny, your family, and the world. Your prayers matter. Your life matters.

All humankind is at a crucial crossroads in the race for life or death. The clock is ticking. The alarm has sounded. Now is the time! See the signs. Hear God’s voice. Know your part. "Broken! To Golden” is an inspirational call for a radical transformation. Are you on board?

~Drawing insights from psychology, neuroscience, and her own love affair with God; written in story, parable, and journal form, Dr. Basbas exhorts you to fulfill your God-designed destiny.

Available now through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats! 

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