You truly can be transformed! It will involve the renewing of your mind.

You are invited to embark on a radical, life-changing, and heroic journey. But there is a price. You need to relinquish your fears, shame, hopelessness, resentments, and misery, in order to obtain a life of joy, purpose and fulfillment. Life can be tough. It can hand us some rotten deals. It can throw us challenges that we feel ill-equipped to handle. Many become depressed, anxious, angry, addicted, bitter, and lonely in response. Yet life is an amazing gift! We can learn to appreciate that and respond to challenges with life-giving wisdom, love, and maturity.

We all tend to hold tightly to dysfunctional behaviors, mindsets, and habits. God offers us liberation from this enslavement of our hearts and souls; freedom from conformity to, and imprisonment by, the patterns that destroy us; and freedom from the misery and dysfunctions that threaten our happiness and relationships.

Would you be willing to make these life-altering exchanges?

  • Trade in your depression, anxiety and moodiness~for a life of joy, courage, and serenity.
  • Give up your bondage to fears and insecurities~and discover the freedom to pursue your true passions.
  • Overcome your loneliness and isolation~in order to participate in loving relationships.
  • Overcome the anguish of feeling overwhelmed with life~and live effectively, heroically, with motivation and inspiration.
  • Give up the selfish “me-first” mentality~learn how love, kindness, and generosity yield a more fulfilling life.
  • Live in freedom and health~no longer controlled by addictions, dysfunction, mental and emotional illness!

Did you answer “Yes?” Then you are ready for “The great exchange!” Surrender your misery and learn the keys to living a life of joy and integrity!

Weaving together insights from psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality, Dr. Basbas summons you to fulfill your best destiny. Take the heroic plunge into the depths of God, and see the transformation of your soul. You can be transformed by the renewing of your mind!

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