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Hello and thanks for visiting! So if you’re ready for a journey to become the best “you” possible, I want to help. You can discover your true potential, and reach those goals that have seemed elusive. They don’t have to be out-of-reach. You can do this!

Do you need to learn how to deal with depression, relieve anxiety, and reduce stress? Do you want a better work/life balance and happier lifestyle? Old patterns of thinking, feeling and reacting (often learned in childhood and/or due to trauma) can keep you in agony and deprive you of fulfillling your dreams. PTSD (post-traumatic stress), ADD, ADHD, Aspergers (high-functioning autism-ASD), and a myriad of anxieties, self-criticism, addictions, bad habits, and dysfunctional “programming”...rob you of life’s pleasures and joys.

 The truth is you can change your thinking and habits. Neuroscience teaches us we can do more than change our minds, we can retrain our brains for lasting results! See yourself and your life with renewed, positive perspectives, and free yourself from the quicksand of defeat!

I am certified in EMDR, and in Brainspotting: two powerful methods to resolving trauma, depression and anxiety. I also interweave EFT, CBT, and Positive Psychology, all combined into a customized treatment plan for you. Together we create specific strategies to change your self-defeating patterns, fears and negative programming into positive, effective, life-changing tools, skills and perspectives.

I will treat you with respect, compassion, and understanding. While shame and fear imprisons us, love and acceptance free us. My office is a safe place where you can be transparent - free to explore what you need without fear of judgement or criticism. Now that Telehealth has become readily available - there is added convenience (and for many, added comfort) in having your therapy come into your own home or office. 

                                      A Brief History

As a Clinical Psychologist, a Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, and Professional Coach since 1986, I've worked in various offices and clinics including Brea Neuropsychiatric Hospital.

Teaching in the Master’s Program for Marriage & Family Counseling at Azusa Pacific University was another great experience. I love working with students! At Azusa, I trained, counseled, and supervised students who gave me two awards: “Most Effective in Integrating Faith with Teaching,” and “Most Professional Teacher.” These honors didn’t prevent my students from spoofing me in a few skits they wrote for graduation ceremonies! Thank God for a good sense of humor! 

A wide range of clients find their way to me, because at the core we want the same things - love, joy and purpose. So this range includes entrepreneurs, CEO’s, addicts, writers, producers, pastors, missionaries, students, children, teens…yes, the most hurting and the most successful people in life need inspiration and transformation. 

If you are interested in working together please send me an email, text or call. Thank you!

E-Mail: drlaurel@laurelbasbas.com

Direct: 949-922-5450

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